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Workplace Nursery

Workplace NurseryThe Department for Children, Schools and Families has designated Flying Start Day Nursery a ‘Workplace Nursery’. This means that working parents can and means that parents who are employed locally can benefit significantly from their childcare costs.

The costs of fees at a Workplace Nursery can be deducted from parents’ wages or salaries by their employer before Tax and National Insurance deductions and paid direct to the nursery. This means that parents who are employed will be exempt from paying Tax and National Insurance on the amount of nursery fees deducted from their wage or salary. A significant cost saving.

How does a workplace nursery save money?

In the same way that Childcare Vouchers are, Workplace Nursery places are offered on a ‘salary sacrifice’ basis. This means that you sacrifice a specific amount of your salary and instead receive that value of childcare at the designated Workplace Nursery. Workplace Nursery places are exempt from employee Tax and National Insurance Contributions (NIC), so you only pay Tax and NI on the reduced level of your salary.

For an employer to be able to offer their staff a Workplace Nursery deduction they will need to meet criteria set by HM Revenue and Customs. If you wish to take advantage from this scheme please ask your employer if they meet the criteria and are happy to participate in the Workplace Nursery scheme.

You and your child or children are most welcome at Flying Start Day Nursery whether you wish to participate in the workplace nursery scheme or not.

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Flying Start Day Nursery can offer the very highest quality child care in a stable and caring environment which will allow each child to develop to their full potential. Our purpose-built nursery is situated on the edge of the exciting new development at Robin Hood Airport near the village of Finningley.
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